Spin Coating System - EZspin-SD

The high speed and duration range allow the user to achieve the desired thickness or thinness of the film. Acceleration too, is one of the major determinants of the process. As spin coating uses centrifugal force, it is of crucial importance to accurately set the parameters for spin coating.

At Apex, we understand that spin coating is a very delicate process. The slightest change in the prescribed parameters can result in drastic changes in the film produced. As a consequence, user control becomes a very important feature of a spin coater. 

The following features of EZspin-SD makes it a worthy investment:

  • High Speed Range    : 500 to 6000 RPM
  • High Duration Range : 1 - 1200 seconds
  • Acceleration Period   : 2 - 3 seconds 
  • Working Chamber      : Teflon Coated 6" Diameter

Accurate Film Coating

EZspin-SD has a Teflon coated Working chamber of 6 inches diameter and also includes a transparent photo-resist safety lid over the Working chamber making spin coating a hassle free experience.
This spin coater comes with an integrated calibration option which helps the user to achieve uniform coating on different substrate sizes.

Sophisticated Mechanism & Electronics

EZspin-SD is micro-controller controlled and comes equipped with a brushless DC motor, which is highly reliable as it requires very low maintenance compared to the normal DC motor with brush. Also, the presence of non-volatile program memory ensures that the recorded parameters are not lost in any case of power failure.

Easy User Interface for Ease of Research

Spin coater EZspin-SD comes equipped with a user-friendly firmware interface. The Input and Controlling is entirely done through push-dial encoder, thereby allowing the user to have complete control over the process.
Furthermore, the real time display of rotations per minute, timing and program status is displayed on a four-line LCD console throughout.

Product Specifications - EZspin-SD

  • Micro-controller Controlled Brushless DC Motor
  • Speed Range: 500 - 6000 R.P.M
  • Duration: 1 - 1200 sec
  • Real-time Display of R.P.M., Timing & Program Status on 4 Line LCD Console
  • Non-volatile Program Memory
  • Input & Controlling through Push-dial Encoder
  • Teflon coated Working Chamber of 6" Diameter
  • User-friendly Firmware Interface
  • Back Panel Power On/Off Switch
  • Warm Up Option
  • Calibration Option
  • Transparent Photo-resist Safety Lid over the Working Chamber
  • Power: Universal Input
  • Wattage: 100 W (Maximum)