Spin Coating System - spinNXG-P1AC

Our model SpinNXG-P1 AC is not only absolutely precise, but is also powerfully designed to ensure that spin coating remains a flawless experiment.

Accurate Controlling

At Apex, we believe in delivering value. Thus, our spin coating systems include a host of features to make it very user friendly. These include:

  • Input and Controlling through PC software in PC Mode and through keypad in stand-alone mode
  • User friendly software and firmware interface
  • Real time display of rotations per minute, timing and program status in PC Software and on four-line LCD Console 
  • Real time display of Speed v/s Time graph in PC software
  • Non-volatile program memory

The salient features of SpinNXG-P1 AC

  • Very High Speed Range: 100 - 10000 RPM
  • Very High Acceleration: 40 - 5000 RPM
  • Longer Duration Range: 1 - 9999 seconds / step
  • Less than 1 percent error across the entire speed range

Chief features of SpinNXG-P1 AC

  • 15 pre-set programs in stand-alone mode which can be edited as per requirement
  • 20 steps allowed in program writing in the stand-alone mode
  • Unlimited steps allowed in PC Mode allows spin protocol setting without any limits
  • Unlimited programs in the PC Mode


Product Specifications - SpinNXG-P1 AC

  • Both PC & Micro-controller Controlled
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Speed Range: 100-10,000 R.P.M.[based on a Glass Substrate of Dimension 1.5" (L) X 1" (W) & Thickness 0.05"]
  • <±1% Error across the Full Speed Range
  • Acceleration: 40-5,000 R.P.M./sec[based on a Glass Substrate of Dimension 1.5" (L) X 1" (W) & Thickness 0.05"]
  • Duration: 1-9,999 sec/step
  • Unlimited Programs in PC Mode & 15 Preset Editable Programs in Stand-alone Mode
  • Unlimited Steps/Program in PC Mode & 20 Steps (Maximum)/Program in Stand-alone Mode
  • Real-time Display of R.P.M., Timing & Program Status in PC Software in PC Mode & on 4 Line LCD Console in Stand-alone Mode
  • Real-time Display of R.P.M. vs. Time Graph in PC Software in PC Mode
  • Non-volatile Program Memory
  • Input & Controlling through PC Software in PC Mode & through Key-pad in Stand-alone Mode
  • Teflon coated Working Chamber of 8" Diameter
  • User-friendly Software & Firmware Interface
  • Integrated Power On/Off Switch with Indicator
  • Both PC & Micro-controller Controlled Integrated Vacuum release Switch with On/Off Indicator
  • Both PC & Micro-controller Controlled Calibration Option
  • Both PC & Micro-controller Controlled Warm Up Option
  • Spill-drainage Facility
  • Experimental Sample Details Saving Provision
  • N2 & other Inert Gas Purging Port
  • Transparent Photo-resist Safety Lid over the Working Chamber
  • In-situ Sample Dispensing Port on the Transparent Photo-resist Safety Lid
  • Power: 230V AC 50H
  • Wattage: 120 W (Maximum)