Company History


In the early 80’s Pijush Roychowdhury was an employee of Advanced Centre for Cryogenic Research housed in Jadavpur University campus, there he met two distinguished personalities Ranajit Saha an instrumentalist and Dr. Gautam Buddha Talapatra a scientist. They both hailed from Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science. Dr. Talapatra had just returned from USA after completing his post doctorate commitments and was fresh with some ideas to developsome scientific instruments in our country.

Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident
— Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Pijush took the initiative and three persons joined their hands together and a journey started towards quenching their thirst of exploring new technologies and managed to develop a Cryogenic Freezer for Cryopreservation of any biological material. This instrument was first of its kind in India.

It all started in a very modest note and manufacturing unit was sheltered in a garage of Mr. Saha’s residence. It was a herculean effort to develop a high-end scientific instrument with a very limited number of resources. Genesis of their effort gradually started taking shape. The instrument which was introduced to the market was well accepted by the scientific community.

Motivated by their first success, with a serious endeavour a full fledged company was founded by Pijush Roychowdhury in 1994 as Apex Instruments Co. and the manufacturing entity was shifted to Jadavpur in the city of Kolkata, India.

Then with an industry and institute collaboration in late 90’s next project was taken to foster another unique instrument, that was Langmuir-Blodgett Monolayer Thin Film Deposition System. This instrument too was promoted in the market as first indigenous instrument of its kind.

Year 2000 Marked the beginning of successful production and installation of Langmuir-Blodgett Thin Film Deposition System model LB-2004C in India. The growing popularity of the systems in the country’s scientific community motivated the trio to take a huge leap forward. They set up a strong Research and development team, which is dwelled by scientists, technologists, engineers and other relevant technicians. Since then with the consistent collaboration and cohesion of a dedicated team, few more instruments came into reality.

Year 2005, we developed an introductory Manual Spin Coating System model SCU-2005A. It was an instant hit in India and over 100 pieces were sold within quick succession.

Year 2007, the team started exploring a new thin film coating technique namely Dip Coating. After a lot of brain storming research, they launched a new Dip Coating System model SDC-2007.

Year 2008, based on the growing popularity of SCU-2005A and new research ideas contributed by our customers, our dedicated R&D team made a leap forward and developed and introduced a fully computer controlled Programmable Spin Coating System model SCU-2008C.

As the years pass technology gets evolved. New generation entered in Apex. This new team was not only fresh by age but also by ideas. They started to revolutionise the Company by upgrading the existing systems with new technology to keep them at par with the world.

In 2011 freshly designed Programmable Spin Coaters model spinNXG-P1 came out of the company production line. With higher speed range of 100 - 10000 RPM and precision controlling by Micro-Controller, this product from Apex easily became the Market Leading Spin Coater.

It was followed by the launch of another new generation Manual Spin Coater model spinNXG-M1 in later times of 2011.

Year 2012, marked the change in the Dip Coater series. The young team developed a series of Single Vessel as well as Multi Vessel Dip Coaters model Xdip-SV1 & Xdip-MV1, which are not only very precise in controlling by the onboard micro controller but also hosts a newly engineered mechanism which could both perform seamlessly in High as well as very Low speed dip coating.

Year 2013 & 2014 marked more advanced developments in the newly developed Spin Coating & Dip Coating Series. The spin coaters evolved into 10 different models with loads of features like integrated Vacuum Switches, Graphical LCD Display, a lot of memory storage and finally a PC software controlled Spin Coater. The Dip Coaters started having Bigger Stroke Length and advanced robotic movements to cater the user to do hassle-free research.

Year 2015 a completely new instrument incubated in our Lab. The Contact Angle Meter with advanced image analysis added to our achievement list. Already we have launched 4 different varieties of Contact Angle Meters in the market. Day by day they are growing popularity, and showing up in many research laboratories in India and abroad.


To be regarded as a pioneer and apex organization in the field of science and engineering by providing leading edge technology solutions to its partners and touching every human life by innovation through advanced research.


Passion for innovation, courage to face new challenges, excellence in delivering exceptional results and curiosity with continuous learning.

About Us

Apex is a specialized scientific research equipments, supply and services company for various tests and measurements in the field of nano and thin-film, coating and characterisation.

Apex, headquartered in Kolkata, India, has authorized agents and representatives throughout India and abroad. With over one and half decade of diligence, dedication and commitment towards its goal, Apex has without doubt become a benchmark in its field among its peers.

We at Apex are always exuberant to accelerate the momentum and to elevate the levels of commitment while catering to challenging and ever growing needs of our customers by delivering the highest level of quality and technical excellence with services that are absolutely satisfying. Apex with the deployment of advance technology and superior resources combined with dedicated research professionals, proudly yields optimum benefits for all its customers as well as stakeholders.


We are honoured to achieve some globally recognised certifications which speak about the quality of our products.

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