Contact Angle Metering System - ACAM D2

The contact angle is one of the most common ways of measuring the wettability of a surface. Wettability refers to how a liquid is deposited on a solid surface spreads out. It is determined by measuring the angle created when a liquid comes into contact with a solid surface.


  • For the Analysis of the Wettability of a Surface
  • For Checking the Homogeneity of a Surface during the Preparation of Nano / Micro-level Homogeneous Thin Film by Spin & Dip Coating Technique
  • For the Preparation of Various Detergents, Fabric Colours, Inks, Anti-reflective Coatings
  • Widely used in the Textile, Printing, Detergent, Coating & Optical Industries

Product Specifications - ACAM D2


Controlling & Connectivity

  • PC-Controlled
  • Connectivity through Hi-speed USB 2.0

Contact Angle Measurement

  • Contact Angle Measuring Range: 0°-180°
  • Contact Angle Accuracy: ±0.05°


  • Horizontal Camera Assembly with High Magnification Lens for observing the Droplet & Solid Surface
  • Continuous Capturing & Saving of Images during Operation
  • C-Mount CCD Camera
  • High Performance CCD Monochrome Sensor
  • Aberration Corrected High Performance Lens
  • Integrated Fine Focus
  • Infra-red Cut Filter
  • Frame Rate: 100 fps [Maximum]
  • Image Resolution: 744 x 480 Pixels [Maximum]
  • Zoom Capability: 5X
  • Image Distortion < 0.1 %
  • LED based Lighting Mechanism
  • Hysteresis Free Illumination
  • Light Intensity Controlling Provision

Substrate Stage

  • Substrate Stage Dimension: 100 mm (L) X 150 mm (W) X 6 mm (H)
  • Stage Height Adjustment Option up to 25 mm
  • Stage Travelling for Precision Measurement
  • Fully Automatic & PC-controlled Stage Tilting up to 60°
  • Tilting Angle Resolution: 0.0025°
  • Tilting Angle Inaccuracy: ±0.005°
  • Tilting Angle Speed: 0.05°/sec. to 5°/sec.
  • Tilting Angle Speed Inaccuracy: ±10%
  • Four Adjustable Feet Screw for Precise Level Adjustment

Auto Dispensing Module

  • Fully Automatic & PC-Controlled
  • Precision Micro-meter Controlling
  • Minimum Dispensing Speed: 0.038 µl/sec.
  • Maximum Dispensing Speed: 4 µl/sec.
  • Suitable Syringe with Replaceable Needle
  • Easy Loading / Unloading of Syringe


  • Universal Power Input

Acam Software


User-friendly Windows® XP, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1 & Windows® 10 [both 32 & 64 Bit] compatible Software

Contact Angle Analysis

  • Sessile Drop Method in both Static & Dynamic Mode
  • Study of both Time-dependent Change & Stage-tilting Angle-dependent Change of Contact Angle in Dynamic Mode


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