Contact Angle Metering System - ACAM D3

The contact angle is one of the most common ways of measuring the wettability of a surface. Wettability refers to how a liquid is deposited on a solid surface spreads out. It is determined by measuring the angle created when a liquid comes into contact with a solid surface.

The ACAM D3 launched by Apex Instruments, is a unique product that combines precise measurement of contact angle and surface tension. ACAM D3 is completely controlled by a PC using a high speed USB communication. The Acam software is compatible with windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1.

Accurate Contact Angle Measurement

Accuracy is important to us. Thus, ACAM D3 is quite proficient in the measurement and display of the preceding, receding and average contact angles and also left, right and average contact angles. Uneven, semi-transparent and reflecting surfaces also pose no problem for ACAM as it still can easily measure and display the required information about the contact angle. 

Easy Measurement of Surface Tension

ACAM D3 comes with a well-equipped horizontal camera assembly with a high magnification lens for observing the droplet and solid surface. It uses a C-mount CCD camera equipped with a high performance CCD monochrome sensor which allows it to capture continuously and save images during the operation itself.

The images produced are of high resolution. It is 1280×1024 pixels and 744×480 pixels for still image and video image respectively. Further, the zoom capability is about ten times the normal image and the image distortion is less than 0.1 percent.

The product comes in-built with LED lighting mechanism. Also, the light intensity can easily be controlled either through PC or manually.

ACAM Software for Better Research

ACAM D3 measures the Surface Tension by using the Pendant Drop Method. Newton-Laplace (N-L) method is used for drop shape and surface tension measurement. It also includes an option to measure the volume, height and width of the droplet whenever required.

The surface tension measuring range is up to 80 mN/m and surface tension resolution is up to ±0.01mN/m. Software upgradable provision allows for up to 110 N/m measurements.

Product Specifications - ACAM D3

  • Contact Angle Measuring Range: 0°-180°

  • Contact Angle Accuracy- ±0.05°

  • Auto detects the baseline and allows for fine adjustment provision of baseline detection

  • Auto detects the contact points between the baseline and the liquid droplet

  • Can precisely detect the edge both auto and manual mode.

  • Uses four methods of analysis – (half-angle fitting analysis, circle fitting analysis, ellipse fitting analysis and tangent fitting analysis.)

  • Offline data analysis.


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