Double-barrier Langmuir-Blodgett Trough with LB Film Deposition System - Model LBXD-MT

A Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) Trough is a very Essential & Useful Experimental Laboratory Instrument for Measuring the Surface Phenomena during the Formation of Monolayer as well as for Fabricating Single & Multi-layered Thin Films of Mono-molecular Thickness on a Solid Substrate. The Single & Multi-layered Thin LB Films can be used for different areas of science & technology ranging from Optics to Rheology, Nanotechnology to Biotechnology.

For the recent Studies of Monolayer Self-assembly, LB Troughs are very popular among the Scientists. The LB Troughs can also be used itself as an experimental device to test Interfacial Properties such as the Surface Tension of various Fluids, as well as the Surface Pressure of a given system. The LB Troughs are also used for observing various physical mechanisms like the Interaction of Drugs with Lipids, Lipid-Protein Interaction etc. Langmuir-Blodgett Troughs are also ideal for the Synthesis & Characterization of Covalent Monolayer Sheets & 2D Polymers. In recent researches, Langmuir-Blodgett Troughs are being used in characterizing Langmuir Films to analyze the Surface Properties of Quantum Dots at the Air-Water Interface.

Langmuir-Blodgett Troughs are used worldwide for the Fabrication & Characterization of LB Films. LB films are now used as the building blocks of Molecular Electronics. LB Troughs are widely used to make Films for the Fabrication of Nano-scale Electronics such as Graphene Sheets & LCDs. In addition, Films can be made of Biological Materials to improve Cell Adhesion & to study the properties of the Biofilms. Over Years’ Study has indiacted the following Applications of the LB Films


  • LB Films can be used as Passive Layers in Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor allow Gases to penetrate to the Interface more effectively

  • LB Films can be used as Biological Membranes like Bone & Skin Regeneration Substrate

  • It is possible to propose Field Effect Devices for observing the Immunological Response & Enzyme-Substrate Reactions by collecting Biological Molecules such as Antibodies & Enzymes in insulating LB Films

  • Anti-reflective Glass can be produced with successive Layers of Fluorinated Organic LB Film

  • Different Biosensor can be made viz., Glucose Sensors from poly(3-hexyl thiopene), Alcohol Sensor from Enzyme as LB Film

  • UV Resists can be made of poly(N-alkylmethacrylamides) LB Film

So, LB Troughs can be used widely in various Scientific as well as Industrial Fields like Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Metallurgical Science, Polymer Science, Semiconductor Industry, Optics, Electronics, Biological Science, Biochemistry, Protein Chemistry, Surface Science, Biomedical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Liquid Industry & so on.

Apex offers Langmuir-Blodgett Troughs along with the Surface Phenomena Measurement & Film Deposition System with Precise Controlling & Accuracy, which makes us the Leading Supplier of LB Troughs in India. Apex has successfully installed more than 100 LB Troughs in the most Prestigious Research Centres like the IIT’s, NIT’s, IISER’s, CSIR Centres, DAE Centres, DOS Centres, DST Centres, DRDO Centres & many more

LBXD Software for Hassle-free Research

  • User-friendly Windows® XP, Windows® 7, Windows® 8 & Windows® 8.1 compatible Software

  • Unlimited Deposition Cycles

  • Unlimited Drying & Wetting Time

  • Unlimited Editable Programs

  • Real-time Display of Control Processes in Software

  • Compression Isotherm Recording

  • Pressure Area Isotherm Measurement

  • Surface Pressure vs. Time Measurement at Constant Area

  • Hysteresis Measurement

  • Area vs. Time Measurement at Constant Surface Pressure

  • Mono & Multi-layer Transfer to Solid Substrate

Product Specifications - LBXD-MT

  • Mini Trough

  • Double Barrier

  • Trough & Barrier Fully made of High Purity PTFE

  • Symmetric Compression

  • Inner Working Area: 305 mm (L) X 105 mm (W)

  • Outer Trough Dimension: 365 mm (L) X 165 mm (W) X 30 mm (H)

  • Deposition Well Dimension: 105 mm (L) X 40 mm (W) X 60 mm (H)

  • Trough Volume: 375 ml

Environmental Chamber:

  • Fully Transparent

  • Three Sided Transparent Acrylic

  • Front Sided Openable Glass Door

  • N2 & other Inert Gas Purging Port

  • Chamber Illumination Provision

  • Chamber Exhaust Provision

Aspirator Pump:

  • For Impurity removal

Apex LB System Control Unit:

  • Fully Automatic & PC-controlled

  • Sensor Resolution: 0.01 mg

  • Surface Pressure Range: up to 80 mN/m

  • Surface Pressure Sensitivity: Better than 0.005 mN/m

  • Measurement Accuracy: ±0.1 mN/m

  • Dipping, Lifting & Compression Speed: 0.5-250 mm/min

  • Dipping, Lifting & Compression Speed Resolution: 0.01 mm/min

  • Power: Universal Input


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