Single-vessel Dip Coating System - Xdip-SV2

Dip coating is the process of immersing a substrate into a tank containing coating material, removing the piece from the tank, and allowing it to drain. The coated piece can then be dried by force-drying or baking. It is a popular way of creating thin film coated materials along with the spin coating procedure.

Apex launches an Precision Single Vessel Dip Coating instrument Xdip-SV2. This low cost state-of-the-art instrument is very sophisticated, versatile and user-friendly. The Xdip-SV2 is fully computer controlled, making dip coating a simple and hassle free experience every time.


  • Layer by Layer Assemblies
  • Self-Assembled Monolayer
  • Sol-Gel Coatings
  • Glass Stainers for Biomedical Application
  • Film length upto 250 mm

Product Specifications - Xdip-SV2

  • PC-controlled    
  • Dipping & Lifting Speed: 0.5-450 mm/min    
  • Dipping & Lifting Length: 300 mm    
  • Film Length: 250 mm    
  • Arrow Display for Dipping & Lifting    
  • Unlimited Deposition Cycles    
  • Unlimited Drying & Wetting Time    
  • Unlimited Programs    
  • Non-volatile Program Memory    
  • Input & Controlling through PC Software    
  • Integrated Power On/Off Switch with Indicator    
  • PC-controlled Substrate Mount/Unmount Option    
  • PC-controlled Blank Distance Adjustment Option    
  • PC-controlled Self-performance Test Option    
  • Real-time Display of Control Processes in PC Software    
  • Experimental Sample Details Saving Provision    
  • User-friendly Software Interface    
  • Power: Indian Standard    
  • Wattage: 120 W (Maximum)

Learn more about the Xdip-SV2 Dip Coating System in the Product Brochure


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