Spin Coating System - spinNXG-P1A

Model spinNXG-P1 A is a product that combines precision with accuracy and delivers accurate results every time. With a friendly user interface that allows for editable programs, it is one of the best spin coating systems available in the market nowadays

Important Features

The important features of Spin Coater SpinNXG-P1 A are:

  • Very High Speed Range: 100 -10,000 Rotations per minute
  • Very High Acceleration: 40- 5,000 Rotations per minute
  • High Duration Range: 1- 9,999 seconds per step
  • Less than 1 percent error across full speed range
  • 15 Preset Editable Programs
  • 20 Editable steps / program


Wide range of protocol setting

The high range of speed, duration and acceleration allow the user to adjust the parameters according to his requirements. Spin coaters need to deposit thin films on the substrate, so high speed and acceleration help a lot in carrying out a wide range of tests.

Easy User-Interface for Better Research

The additional features make NXG-P1 A, a successful product that makes spin coating a hassle free experience. The inclusion of spill drainage and vacuum release ensure that the machine is kept free of all unwanted solvents and substrates, and thus remain in the best functioning condition.
Like all products at Apex, we strive to make every product as much user-friendly as possible. 
Thus, the following features of NXG-P1 A makes it a worthy investment:

  • User-friendly firmware interface
  • Input and controlling through keypad, thereby allowing the user complete control over the procedure
  • Real time display of Rotations per minute, timing and program status on four-line LCD console
  • Non-volatile program memory, thereby ensuring that all recorded data can be retrieved whenever require

Product Specifications - SpinNXG-P1 A

  • Micro-controller Controlled
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Speed Range: 100-10,000 R.P.M.[based on a Glass Substrate of Dimension 1.5" (L) X 1" (W) & Thickness 0.05"]
  • <±1% Error across the Full Speed Range
  • Acceleration: 40-5,000 R.P.M./sec[based on a Glass Substrate of Dimension 1.5" (L) X 1" (W) & Thickness 0.05"]
  • Duration: 1-9,999 sec/step
  • 15 Preset Editable Programs
  • 20 Steps (Maximum)/Program
  • Real-time Display of R.P.M., Timing & Program Status on 4 Line LCD Console
  • Non-volatile Program Memory
  • Input & Controlling through Key-pad
  • Teflon coated Working Chamber of 8" Diameter
  • User-friendly Firmware Interface
  • Integrated Power On/Off Switch with Indicator
  • Integrated Vacuum release Switch with On/Off Indicator
  • Calibration Option
  • Warm Up Option
  • Spill-drainage Facility
  • N2 & other Inert Gas Purging Port
  • Transparent Photo-resist Safety Lid over the Working Chamber
  • In-situ Sample Dispensing Port on the Transparent Photo-resist Safety Lid
  • Power: Indian Standard
  • Wattage: 120 W (Maximum)